Publishing Rules

Submission of Papers: Manuscripts that are submitted to the journal should not be published elsewhere or sent to be published. Authors are (preferably) requested to submit an electronic copy of their original works to the given “System Address” or one hard copy to the address and a soft copy to the “E-mail Address” which has been given below. It is necessary for the authors to submit their manuscripts together with the “Copyright Release Form”. “Copyright Release Form” can be downloaded from the “Copyright Page” of JNSE’s web page. Authors are requested to obtain the relevant documents for their studies that require "Ethics Committee Approval and/or Legal/Special Permission" and submit these approval documents to the system together with their study. Please see our Author Guidelines before submitting your paper. Please submit our Reviewer Recommendation Form together with your submission to help us find suitable reviewers for your article while we expand our reviewers' pool.

Please visit the Author Guidelines page to reach the sample text format.

System Address:


Assoc.Prof. Fatih ERDEN,
National Defence University

Turkish Naval Academy

34942 Tuzla/Istanbul/Türkiye


Types of Contributions: The journal publishes original papers, review articles, technical notes, book reviews, letters to the editor, and extended reports of conferences and meetings.

Manuscript Evaluation Process: 

The Peer Review Step:

·    The content and layout format of the manuscript is examined and the originality of the study is checked through iThenticate Software Programme.

·    The language and correlation of the English abstract with the Turkish abstract are checked.

·    Manuscript which has a similarity index above 40% is rejected. The author is informed about the manuscript which has a similarity index between 20% and 40% (must not contain more than 4% from a single source), which is not appropriate for the writing rules of JNSE or needs correction in English and Turkish abstracts and the author is requested to revise the manuscript within “two weeks”. Otherwise, the article is considered a retracted manuscript. The similarity percentage criteria may differ for review articles, letters to the editor, book reviews, and invited articles. Special care is taken to ensure that more than 50% of the articles in an issue are original research articles.

NOTE: Our journal uses double-blind review, which means that both the reviewer and author identities are concealed from the reviewers, and vice versa, throughout the review process. For this reason, the uploaded manuscript does not contain the name, address, and affiliation of the author(s). The manuscript evaluation steps are as follows

  • The editor is assigned by the Editor-in-Chief. 
  • The relevant reviewers are assigned by the Editors.
  • The manuscript may be rejected, or accepted or a correction for the manuscript may be requested as a result of the reviewer's evaluation. 
  • If negative feedback is given by a major number of reviewers, then the process is terminated and the article is rejected.
  • If major/minor revisions are required for the manuscript, the author has to do the revision according to the reviewers’ comments in “three weeks”.
  • If the revision is accepted by the reviewers, the article is accepted. 

"The Workflow Diagram" for the evaluation process can be accessed from the "JNSE Publishing Process" section of the web page of the journal.

The articles submitted to JNSE to be published are free of article submission, processing, and publication charges.

The accepted articles are published free of charge from the journal website and printed.

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