Author Guidelines

General: Manuscripts must be prepared in MS Word, single-spaced with justify. Font: Times New Roman, 12 points. Margins: left 4,5 cm- right 3,5 cm, top 5 cm- bottom 7 cm, header 3,25 cm- footer 6 cm, gutter 0. Paper type: A4. Page numbers should be on the middle of bottom of page with -1-, -2-, -3- etc format. Using footnotes is not allowed. (Please click to reach the sample text format.)

Ethics Committee Approval and/or Legal/Special Permission: The articles must state whether an ethical committee approval and/or legal/special permission is required or not. If these approvals are required, then it should be clearly presented from which institution, on what date and with which decision or number these approvals are obtained. 

Conflicts of Interest Statement: The author(s) of the manuscript must declare that there are no conflicts of personal and/or financial interest within the scope of the study when submitting their study and recommending referee. They should state this statement under the title of the "Conflicts of Interest Statement" at the end of the study/article (The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest). 

The author(s) must also clearly declare that there is no conflict of interest when suggesting a referee for the submitted study. In this regard, this notification must be declared by the author(s) in the "Referee Suggestion Form", which must be filled and uploaded in pdf format with wet signature. Please click to see the Referee Suggestion Form.

Body of Text: Follow this order when typing manuscripts: Title, Authors, Abstract, Keywords, Title (Turkish), Abstract (Turkish), Keywords (Turkish), Main Text, Appendix (if any), References.

Title: Title should reflect objectives of the paper clearly, be easily understandable and not exceed 15 words.

Abstracts: Each paper should have an abstract with 100-200 words and have a structured form, i.e. standard structure of an article (background, purpose, material and methods used, results, conclusion).

Paper Length: The manuscript should be minimum 2000 words or 5 pages, maximum 7000 words or 25 pages including references.

Keywords: Author must provide some keywords (between 3 and 5) that will be used to classify the paper.

Unit: International System of Unit (Système Internationale d’Unités; SI) ( should be used for all scientific and laboratory data.

References and List of ReferencesReferences should be given according to APA format. Please click for examples.  (Note: This rule is effective as from November, 2020 issue.)

Abbreviations and Acronyms: Standard abbreviations and acronyms should be used for each related discipline. Acronyms should be identified at the first occurrence in the text. Abbreviations and acronyms may also be attached to main text as an appendix.

Equations and Formulas: Equations and formulas should be numbered consecutively. These numbers must be shown within parentheses being aligned to right. In the text, equations and formulas should be referred with their numbers given in parentheses. Comprehensive formulas, not appropriate to be written in the texts, should be prepared in figures.

Figures and Tables: Figures and tables should be numbered consecutively. In the text referring to figures and tables should be made by typing “Figure 1” or “Table 1” etc. A suitable title should be assigned to each of them. If any figures appear in colour, please note that they will only appear in colour in the online version, but in the printed version they will be in black and white.