Editorial Principles

·      The works that are sent to JOEEP must be either an authentic work to eliminate a lack in the literature or a review assessing the previously-published works and suggesting relevant, new, and noteworthy opinions.

·      Publication languages of JOEEP are Turkish and English. However, each issue may include articles written in other languages unless they exceed one third of the journal.

·      The works that are sent to JOEEP must not be published previously anywhere. They have to be ready for publication. The papers that have previously been presented in a scientific meeting can be sent to the journal if it is clearly indicated.

·      JOEEP is regularly published biannually in June and December. 

·      No copyright payment is made for the papers that are sent to JOEEP. The copyrights of the works that are published in the Journal are transferred to JOEEP (Journal of Emerging Economics and Policy).

·      Scientific and legal liabilities of the articles published in JOEEP belong to the authors.

·      All the opinions and ideas indicated in the articles that are published in JOEEP are authors’ personal opinions and do not reflect the opinions of the Journal or the affiliated institutions by any means.

·    The works that are sent to JOEEP are sent to TUBITAK ULAKBIM’s DergiPark System (UDS) in electronical environment. This system can be accessed via http://dergipark.org.tr/joeep under the link “User Page/New Submission”. After registering in the system and submitting the paper, the developments regarding the reviewing process and reviewer reports can be followed by the authors.