e-ISSN: 2757-6779
Founded: 2020
Publisher: Sakarya University of Applied Sciences
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Journal of Agricultural Biotechnology (JOINABT) is in the category of peer-reviewed, online and open access international journal published by Sakarya University of Applied Sciences (SUBU) Scientific Publications Coordinatorship (BIYAK) SUBU. The journal accepts research and review articles in the field and does not charge publication fees. Our journal, which started its publication life with its first issue in December 2020, publishes 2 issues (June/December) per year. JOINABT accepts publications in Turkish or English. In all submitted articles, a double-blind peer-review system is used. For this reason, at the first submission stage, "nothing that may suggest authors should be written in the article or in the file name". “During article submission, the following documents must be uploaded to the system. If any of these documents are missing, the article will be REJECTED.

* Article File (English template in Word format)
* Similarity Report