Year 2020, Volume 5 , Issue 2, Pages 21 - 29 2020-07-01

Impact of Using the Positive Thinking Learning Strategy on Math Achievement and Problem-solving for Tenth Grade Students in Jordan

Bahjat Hamid ALTAKHAYNEH [1]

The study aimed at investigating the effect of using positive thinking strategy on the achievement and mathematical problem solving for 10th grade students in Jordan, the sample of the study consisted of 101 students, divided into two groups: experimental group (taught by positive thinking strategy), and control group (taught by traditional strategy). To achieve the aims of the study, the researcher molding a strategy for teaching mathematics include self-talk, decision-making, imagination, problem-solving, benchmarking. In addition, the tools of the study consists of mathematical achievement test, it is validity and reliability was verified, and the problem solving test aims to explore the aspects: transfer and translation, error identification and correction, open-end cases, mentioning the reason, proof, connection between present and previous information, logical justification, also the validity and reliability was verified. The results of the study showed the experimental group outperforming the control group in both academic achievement and problem solving. In light of the study results, the researcher recommends the necessity of using positive thinking strategy when teaching mathematics.
problem solving, achievement, positive thinking, students, learning strategy
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Author: Bahjat Hamid ALTAKHAYNEH
Institution: Arab Open University
Country: Jordan


Application Date : January 13, 2020
Acceptance Date : March 26, 2020
Publication Date : July 1, 2020

APA Altakhayneh, B . (2020). Impact of Using the Positive Thinking Learning Strategy on Math Achievement and Problem-solving for Tenth Grade Students in Jordan . Journal of Learning and Teaching in Digital Age , 5 (2) , 21-29 . Retrieved from