Year 2021, Volume 6 , Issue 1, Pages 17 - 26 2021-07-31

The effect of airline lounge services on the selection of airline

Samet Can CURKAN [1] , Esin ÖZKAN [2]

The services provided at lounges, designed in line with various needs with the purpose of enabling the passengers to make use of the waiting time at the airports, affect the selection of airlines. In this study, the effect of image and accessibility, atmosphere, food & beverage and opportunities (activity) dimension belonging to lounge scale on the selection of airline is analyzed. The utmost limitedness of the study is conducting the questionnaires on passengers using İzmir Adnan Menderes airport domestic flights lounge. The questionnaires and comparative analyses to be conducted at different airlines will add another dimension to the study. One of the hypotheses developed within the scope of the study is accepted. The most important result obtained from the study is that image and accessibility dimension among the lounge services has a significant and positive effect in the selection of the airline. In accordance with the results of the study, it is suggested to airlines to position the lounges within the airport to a place that passengers can easily reach, share the feedbacks of the passengers using the lounges via social media channels, promote the passengers to recommend the lounges and finally follow correct marketing exercises and sales techniques.


lounges, service quality, lounges and service quality
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Author: Samet Can CURKAN (Primary Author)
Country: Turkey

Orcid: 0000-0002-3609-9757
Author: Esin ÖZKAN
Country: Turkey


Publication Date : July 31, 2021

APA Curkan, S , Özkan, E . (2021). The effect of airline lounge services on the selection of airline . Journal of Multidisciplinary Academic Tourism , 6 (1) , 17-26 . DOI: 10.31822/jomat.789635