Year 2019, Volume 1 , Issue 2, Pages 5 - 11 2019-12-31

Teaching Virtual Reality and Immersive Design

Can Bora SEZER [1]

This Study aims to develop an elective Virtual Reality and Immersive Design Course (VR & Immersive Design) for the spring 2019 term by the Architecture and Design Faculty, Communication Design (COD) Department in Istanbul Özyeğin University. The Communication Design department has an optional Game Design path for its Final year - senior students and this course aligns with the said path. The research mainly focuses on the interdisciplinary aspects of creating virtual worlds and defines teaching methods, course content and course goals along with assigning individual tasks to different students with various interdisciplinary backgrounds as team members. Overall this paper examines the following questions; How immersive virtual environments are designed? How should Immersive Design be taught?
Education, Virtual Reality, Immersive Design, Interdisciplinary, game engines
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Subjects Education and Educational Research
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Author: Can Bora SEZER (Primary Author)
Country: Turkey


Publication Date : December 31, 2019

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