Aim & Scope

Quality and effect are the criteria for publication. In addition, experimental results published in the journal have direct implications for theory, and theoretical advancements or non-routine calculations have direct implications for experiments. These conditions must be met, and manuscripts should not be modest extensions of existing work. The obtained and presented data must be unique and saturated to fill the existing gaps in the relevant area.

Journal of Physical Chemistry and Functional Materials is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes the latest findings in analytical methods, astrochemistry, biochemistry, composite materials, computational methods, energy production, gas-phase reaction, green chemistry, kinetics, and dynamics, material science, mathematical physics, medical physics, molecular structure, nanoscience, nanostructures, natural science, nuclear structure and models, optical materials, optoelectronic applications, optoelectronic materials, organic semiconductors, polymer science, quantum chemistry, spectroscopy, structural materials, surface and interface, surface chemistry, thermodynamics, and theoretical developments areas twice a year, in June and December

Period Months
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