Author Guidelines


Author Full Name,*a Author Full Name b and Author Full Name c

Abstract text goes here. The abstract should be a single paragraph that summarises the content of the article

Page Layout

·         You can write your paper in Microsoft Office Word (12 pt).

·         The  page size should be A4 which is 210 mm wide and 297 mm long. The margins must be set as follows:

Top = 30 mm

Bottom = 30 mm

Left = Right = 30 mm

Gutter (from left) = 10 mm

-          paper must be in single-column format and NOT more than 8 PAGES including references

-          A Headings are the primary heading type e.g. Introduction, Synthetic procedures, Materials and methods, Results and discussion.


The conclusions section should come in this section at the end of the article, before the acknowledgements.


The acknowledgements come at the end of an article after the conclusions and before the notes and references.


1       Citations should appear here in the format A. Name, B. Name and C. Name, Journal Title, 2000, 35, 3523; A. Name, B. Name and C. Name, Journal Title, 2000, 35, 3523.


Figure and Table Captions

Figures and tables must be numbered. Figures and tables captions must be centered in 8 pt bold with small caps. Captions with figure numbers must be placed after their associated figures. Captions with table numbers must be placed before their associated tables.

Page Numbers, Headers and Footers

Page numbers, headers and footers should be used.