For Reviewers

For Reviewers:

How do I review the article?

I am assigned to an article as reviewer. How can I see process page of article?

You should log in to the system with assigned email address to the article. Thus you can see journal name and process page of article on the your panel.

Click here to see in detail review steps. 

A note to the reviewer for the review process

Before accepting the review task:

First we thank you for putting your valuable time to read this illustrative explanation regarding your task as a potential reviewer.

Before you take part as a reviewer please first make sure that the paper falls within you expertise area and you are able to evaluate the scientific work. Also make sure that you have the necessary time to accomplish this task since the time is very important to all participants (reviewer, author, editors, journal.) If you do not have the time please suggest potential reviewers for the paper.

If you have any relations with the author such as currently working on some projects or papers please then let the editor know and kindly do not evaluate the paper.

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