Principles of Publication

Principles of Publication
1. KUJES is a national and international indexed scientific research journal with referees, which has been published in the areas of engineering sciences and design applications TWO times in a year including in June and December regularly since 2015.

2. The full-length original scientific research articles written in only English language are published. It is essential that the information created in the scientific study needs to be new, suggest a new method or give a new dimension to existing information.

3. Case studies, questionnaire studies, and surveys are also published in the journal.

4. The full-length original scientific research articles written in the English language have the priority of publication.

5. Articles submitted to the journal for publication are evaluated by national and/or international reviewers. The final decision is made by the editors.

6. Names of reviewers evaluating the articles aren’t informed to the authors (blind peer review). The names of the authors not to be seen by the reviewers (double-blind peer review) is left to the preference of the authors. The authors using this preference should delete the lines of name and address in the article.

7. It is expected that the reviewers evaluate the articles in 60 days. If this time is exceeded, the editorial board appoint a new reviewer.

8. Accept-decline decision about the article is taken by the editorial board. According to the reviewer's reports, major revision or minor revision can be decided. The articles, which aren’t reached the intended level or haven't seemed enough in terms of scientific perspective, are declined.

9. After the decision of major or minor revision about the article, the necessary changes should be made by the authors in 40 days for major revision, in 20 days for minor revision; else it is declined.

10. Articles submitted to the journal for publication must not be published in another journal or must not be sent another journal to be published.

11. All responsibility for the articles belongs to the authors. The articles should be prepared in accordance with international scientific ethics rules. If necessary, a copy of the ethics committee report must be added.

12. Articles submitted for a possible publication in the journal have been checked with iThenticate: Plagiarism Detection Software package program to compose similarity report since January 1, 2019. This report is sent to the editorial board to be checked. If the program detects more than 25 percent similarity except that the references, the editorial board requests the revisions from the authors. If the necessary changes does not make in 20 days, the article is declined. If the similarity rate is very high, the article is declined, too.

13. The Copyright for all authors has been accepted to transfer for the accepted articles in the journal by automatically.

14. Articles submitted to the journal for publication must be prepared to the article writing format of the journal.

15. The authors must be declared to Conflicts of Interest in the submission process.

16. The articles prepared by the article writing format of the journal has no limited number of pages. The abstract should include at least 100 words and the number of keywords must be at least 3 to 6.

17. Journal does not charge any publication or processing fee.

18. For articles admitted for publication into the journal, the corresponding author has 30 days for copyediting, 10 days for proofreading. If the corresponding author do not return in time, the article is declined.

19. Each accepted work on the Kastamonu University Journal of Engineering and Sciences (KUJES) gets a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) number Since 2022