Publication Principles

1. “Kaygı. Bursa Uludağ University Faculty of Arts and Sciences Journal of Philosophy” (e-ISSN: 2645-8950), “Kaygı” in short, is published biannually in “March” and “September.”
2. To be submitted, articles need to be related to fields of social sciences and humanities with philosophical and theoretical content.
3. Research articles and book reviews are published so long as they meet academic and scientific criteria.
4. Articles in Turkish and English are accepted (acceptance of other languages depends on the decision of the “Board of Editors”). The submitted articles must not have not been previously published in another journal, submitted for publication or accepted for publication.
5. Works submitted in Turkish must include an “Abstract” and “Keywords” in both English and Turkish; and should be prepared in accordance with the “Writing Rules” of the journal. Turkish works should also include an “Extended English Abstract (Summary)” in addition to the English "Abstract" in order to facilitate international circulation of the text. “Extended English Abstract (Summary)” should be approximately 25% of the Turkish text; it should include subheadings and citations, as in the Turkish text. In the “Extended English Abstract (Summary)” the author(s) is expected to mirror the structure of argumentation of the original Turkish text as clearly and closely as possible. This part should be appended to the text before the “Bibliography” [Note: The “Extended English Abstract (Summary)” must be sent after the work is approved for publication by the Editorial Board as a result of the peer-review process. Proofreading etc. are the author’s responsibility. Articles that are inadequate in terms of language are not published until the language is improved].
6. As a first step, all submitted articles are reviewed by the “Board of Editors” in terms of content, academic originality, contribution to the field, spelling, and similar aspects. Then the peer review stage starts for those that qualify, as a double-blind peer reviewing process. To be admitted to publishing, both referees who review the article have to give unanimous approval. In the case of only one referee approving the publication, the article is sent to a third referee. Then, taking into consideration of this third review, the “Board of Editors” decides whether to publish or reject the article.
7. After due processes, the “Board of Editors” decide whether to publish the article (as it is submitted, or after some adjustments) or not, and the author(s) are informed about this decision. When adjustments are required, the new version of the article has to be submitted within a month.
8. The legal responsibility of the articles published in the journal belongs entirely to the author(s) and the views and opinions expressed in the articles do not reflect the opinions or position of “Uludağ University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Philosophy” or the “Editorial Board.”
9. No royalties are paid to the author(s) for published articles. In this respect, the copyrights of published work are deemed to have been transferred to Kaygı, regardless of there being an open statement or not [This also means that the authors have accepted the Open Journal Systems (OJS) regulations of Tübitak DergiPark].
10. A “Copyright Agreement” with the authors is concluded before the editorial review process begins. The process starts once the author approves the agreement and informs the editors of this approval.
11. Provided that the source is indicated, quotations can be made from the works published in the journal.

e-ISSN: 2645-8950