Aim & Scope

Marine Science and Technology Bulletin is a double-blind peer-reviewed and open-access journal publishing high-quality papers that are original research articles, short communications, and reviews for scientists engaged in all aspects of marine sciences and technology, fisheries and aquatic sciences, and food processing technologies.

The scope of the journal covers (but not limited to) below research topics:

  • Marine Sciences,
  • Marine Technology,
  • Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences,
  • Environmental Science and Technology,
  • Oceanography,
  • Marine Biology,
  • Marine Ecology,
  • Marine Geology,
  • Marine Geochemistry,
  • Marine Chemistry,
  • Marine Engineering,
  • Ocean Engineering,
  • Offshore and Underwater Technology,
  • Aquaculture,
  • Fish Nutrition,
  • Disease and Treatment,
  • Fisheries Technology,
  • Aquatic Food Processing,
  • Microbiology,
  • Algal Biotechnology,
  • Protection of Organisms Living in Marine Habitats,
  • Petrology and Sedimentation,
  • Climate Change & Sea Level Changes,
  • Marine Pollution,
  • Maritime,
  • Maritime Organizations,
  • Marine/Maritime Affairs,
  • Management and Economics,
  • Naval Architecture,
  • Unmanned Surface/Underwater Vehicles,
  • Remote Sensing & GIS.

Period Months
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