Contribution of Error Analysis to Foreign Language Teaching

Vacide ERDOĞAN [1]

It is inevitable that learners make mistakes in the process of foreign language learning.
However, what is questioned by language teachers is why students go on making the same mistakes
even when such mistakes have been repeatedly pointed out to them. Yet not all mistakes are the same;
sometimes they seem to be deeply ingrained, but at other times students correct themselves with ease.
Thus, researchers and teachers of foreign language came to realize that the mistakes a person made in
the process of constructing a new system of language is needed to be analyzed carefully, for they
possibly held in them some of the keys to the understanding of second language acquisition. In this
respect, the aim of this study is to point out the significance of learners’ errors for they provide
evidence of how language is learned and what strategies or procedures the learners are employing in
the discovery of language.

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Journal Section Makaleler

Author: Vacide ERDOĞAN


Publication Date : January 26, 2014

APA Erdoğan, V . (2014). Contribution of Error Analysis to Foreign Language Teaching . Mersin Üniversitesi Eğitim Fakültesi Dergisi , 1 (2) , . Retrieved from