Peer-Review Process

All contributions, prepared according to the author guidelines and submitted via MMNSA online submission system are evaluated according to the criteria of originality and quality of their scientific content. The corresponding author will receive a confirmation e-mail with a reference number assigned to the paper, which he/she is asked to quote in all subsequent correspondence.

All manuscripts are first checked by the Technical Editor using plagiarism detection software (iThenticate) to verify originality and ensure the quality of the written work. If the result is not satisfactory (exceeding the limit of 30% of overlapping), the submission is rejected and the author is notified.

After the plagiarism check, the manuscripts are evaluated by the Editor-in-Chief and can be rejected without review if considered not of sufficient interest or novelty, too preliminary or out of the scope of the journal. If the manuscript is considered suitable for further evaluation, it is first sent to the Area Editor. Based on his/her opinion the paper is then sent to at least two independent reviewers. Each reviewer is allowed up to four weeks to return his/her feedback but this duration may be extended based on his/her availability. MMNSA has instituted an anonymous peer review process where the reviewers' identities are not known to the authors. When the reviews are received, the Area Editor gives a decision and lets the author know it along with the reviewer's comments and any supplementary files.

Should the reviews be positive, the authors are expected to submit the revised version usually within two months of the editor's decision being sent (this period can be extended when the authors contact the editor and let him/her know that they need extra time for resubmission). If a revised paper is not resubmitted within the deadline, it is considered as a new submission after all the changes requested by reviewers have been made. Authors are required to submit a new cover letter, a response to reviewers letter and the revised manuscript (which ideally shows the revisions made in a different color or highlighted). If a change in authorship (addition or removal of author) has occurred during the revision, authors are requested to clarify the reason for the change, and all authors (including the removed/added ones) need to fill out the "MMNSA author changes form" and need to submit it as signed by all authors. The revised version is evaluated by the Area editor and/or reviewers and the Editor-in-Chief brings a decision about final acceptance based on their suggestions. If necessary, further revisions can be asked to fulfill all the requirements of the reviewers.

When a manuscript is accepted for publication, an acceptance letter is sent to the corresponding author and the authors are asked to submit the source file of the manuscript conforming to the MMNSA submission template. After that stage, changes of authors of the manuscript are not possible. The manuscript is sent to the Copyeditor and a linguistic, metrological and technical revision is made, at which stage the authors are asked to make the final corrections in no more than a week. The layout editor prepares the galleys and the authors receive the galley proof for final check before printing. The authors are expected to correct only typographical errors on the proofs and return the proofs within 48 hours. After the final check by the layout editor and the proofreader, the manuscript is assigned a DOI number, made publicly available and listed in the forthcoming journal issue. After publishing the issue, the corresponding metadata and files published in this issue are sent to the databases for indexing.



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