Evaluation Process


Health Academy Kastamonu Journal adopts the principle of double-blind peer review. The referees could not view the authors' identical information, their institution and academic level, and vice versa. Also, in the " Review Version" File, the name of places that research is conducted, the name of institutions that ethical approval and other permissions were taken from, and if there is, the self-citations' of authors are closed with "XXX."

The articles are submitted to 2(two) referees for evaluation. Referees are asked to evaluate the article in 2(two) weeks. Referees are expected to evaluate the article within the frame of HEALTH ACADEMY KASTAMONU JOURNAL REFEREE EVALUATION FORM FOR RESEARCH ARTICLE, HEALTH ACADEMY KASTAMONU JOURNAL REFEREE EVALUATION FORM FOR CASE REPORTS, HEALTH ACADEMY KASTAMONU JOURNAL REFEREE EVALUATION FORM FOR REVIEWS.

Articles submitted for evaluation are forwarded to one of the secretaries during the pre-review period to check their compliance with the journal's writing rules within five days. The Secretary evaluates the draft and other documents sent within five days according to the "secretary pre-review evaluation form." The secretary evaluation is forwarded to the correspondent author by the editor, and a correction period is given between 1-5 days according to the number of corrections. This process repeats until the Secretary reports that the manuscript conforms to the writing rules of the journal.

The manuscript from the pre-review is passed to the review process. In the review phase, the manuscript is arranged by double blindness; the name of the authors is deleted, and the place/institution name is closed with "XXX." In multi-disciplinary articles, one of the reviewers is selected from the relevant discipline, and one of them is from the health discipline. The selected reviewers are invited via the system, and they are asked to accept or reject the response within five days. Reviewers accepting the evaluation will be asked to upload the evaluation form and, if any, their suggestions within 15 days. A reminder message will be sent in the last five days. The review process, which has not completed within 15 days, is closed, and a new reviewer is appointed to the article. If both reviewers have decided "not publishable," the article will be rejected. In case of disagreement between the reviewers (for example, if the first reviewer decided as "publish as is" and the second reviewer decided as "should be reevaluated after correction"), the evaluation forms and suggestions of the reviewers are forwarded to the corresponding author and correction according to the reviewers' suggestions are requested within 15 days. The new manuscript uploaded to the system by the author is transmitted to the third reviewer to be evaluated. The appointment of the reviewer shall be continued until the two reviewers give a consensus opinion. If the collective opinion of the two reviewers is "publish as is," the research articles are forwarded to the statistical reviewer for statistical evaluation. The process continues until the opinion of the statistician reviewer will be "publish as is." The research articles approved by the statistical reviewer and other types of articles are scanned with the plagiarism scanning program Ithenticate before being forwarded to the editing phase. If the score generated by this program is less than 5%, the article is passed to the editing stage. Articles that score more than 5% are returned to their corresponding author and asked to "arrange the article so that the Authenticate screening report will score below 5%". For this process, five days are given to the manuscripts that scored between 5.1% and 24.0%, ten days are given to the manuscripts that scored between 24.1% and 45%, and 15 days are given to the manuscripts that scored if over 45.1%.

The articles submitted to the editing phase are forwarded to the Turkish language reviewer, English language reviewer, and layout reviewer for reviewing according to Turkish language writing rules, the English language writing rules, and the layout control. These referees are given ten days to finish their review process. The corresponding author is given a period of 1 to 10 days to arrange their manuscripts in line with the recommendations of the reviewers during the editing process. At this process, the authors' information is added to the manuscript, and the places covered by XXX are opened. The edited manuscripts are forwarded to the layout editor. The Layout Editor sets the page numbers on arrival after grouping the manuscripts submitted to him 15 days before the new issue is published. The articles are placed in the Health Academy Kastamonu Journal Article Template. After adding the top information such as volume, page number, DOI number to each manuscript, each manuscript is converted to pdf file separately. After each manuscript's pdf file is added to their editing process, the process is closed, and the article is sorted for publication. In the last week of the month of that, the new issue will be published, the editor selects the appropriate articles from articles waiting for publication and creates new

The manuscripts of authors who do not return at the specified times are rejected. Reviewers who are not careful to make a return during the specified times are given care not to be invited to review articles again. There is no question of publishing statistically unacceptable articles.

Health Academy Kastamonu is included in the class of 1-b journals (journals scanned in international indexes other than SCI, SSCI, SCI-expanded, ESCI) according to UAK associate professorship criteria. HEALTH ACADEMY KASTAMONU Journal cover is registered by the Turkish Patent Institute.