e-ISSN: 2148-130X
Founded: 2012
Publisher: Ülkü ÇELİK ŞAVK
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Journal of Endangered Languages (JofEL)l is an open access system journal. The journal is free, and has no article processing charges (APCs) and no article submission charges.

JofEL, launched in 2012, is an international peer-reviewed scientific journal. It is published bi-annualy  with  “Fall” and “Spring” issues.

JofEL publishes original articles written on the endangered Turkic languages which carry the risk of extinction either  in the short or in the long terms.

Because endangered languages are a universal  phenomenon and are important to the common cultural heritage of humanity, JofEL is interested in publishing the articles written also on other endangered languages.

The journal’s language of publication is both Turkish and English. Besides the original scientific articles, JofEL can publish news, announcements, reviews, etc. as long as they relate to  scientific topics.

Submitted articles undergo a preliminary review by the journal editors. Depending on the results of the preliminary review, those articles that meet  the submission requirements set by JofEL are sent to two reviewers, ensuring the integrity of double-blind reviewing policy.  Within two months after submission, the journal communicates to the authors if their articles will be considered for publication. The accepted articles are moved into publication considering  their dates of submission.

2023 - Volume: 13 Issue: 22

Journal of Endangered Languages (JofEL)

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