Ethical Principles and Publication Policy

Turkish Journal of Public Health is a member of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and accepts its publication ethics principles and evaluates all submitted manuscripts within this scope. Readers and authors can access these rules and case samples via below links: ,
Main issues of publication ethics have been listed below:

Plagiarism and other violations

The quality of data and analysis presented are important issues for Turk J Public Health. The authors must provide the data sets upon the requests from the editors for review. Editors in Turk J Public Health check the text contents for plagiarism and duplication by using related software. By submitting your manuscript to this journal authors accept that the manuscript may be screened for plagiarism against previously published works. If plagiarism is detected before publication, manuscript will be rejected and would be subjected to institutional acknowledgment of the author(s). If plagiarism is detected after publication, the editor will retract the paper and publish a retraction in subsequent issues of the Turk J Public Health. This information might send to the institutions of the authors as well as the other relevant institutions. Turk J Public Health does not accept any manuscript that has already been submitted to another journal for evaluation and/or articles previously published. Therefore, the authors must be sure and declare that the manuscript has not been submitted concomitantly to any other journal in the cover letter.

Conflict of interest

Responsible authors must declare conflicts of interests and disputes. Monetary and any kind of contributions, supports and funds received for the study that is the subject of the submitted article should be specified (including explanations of how and at which stage of the trial it has been obtained). It should be declared if any support has not been received either.
The handling editors and referees must also notify the Editor in Chief in the case of conflicts of interest that could affect their decision. All such notifications must be made written.

Authorship and its declaration

We adhere to the criteria of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (JAMA. 1997; 277:927-934). For manuscripts with two or more authors, each author must qualify by having participated actively and sufficiently in the study that is being carried out and reported on. The inclusion of each author in the authorship list of a manuscript is based only:
a. On substantial contributions to (1) concepts and design, or analysis and interpretation of data and (2) drafting the manuscript or revising it critically for important intellectual content; and; b. On final approval by each author of the submitted version of the manuscript.
Conditions “a” (1 and 2) and “b” must both be met. Others contributing to the work should be recognized separately in an Acknowledgement. In the covering letter that accompanies the submitted manuscripts, it must be confirmed that all authors fulfilled both conditions.

Authorship of Editors

The peer review process is confidential to all parties in Turk J Public Health. Editors in chief are not allowed to submit their papers except editorials because the anonymity cannot be ensured for evaluation process. Section editors, on the other hand, can submit their manuscript to Turk J Public Health . The manuscripts of the section editors are subjected to anonymous peer review like the other authors' papers. Chief Editors and the section editors are required to notify the management of the Journal if there have been any conflicts of interest between them. Managers cannot make suggestions and/or pressure to the editors about the manuscripts submitted to the Turk J Public Health. Manuscripts should be submitted for consideration only after written consent is given by all contributing authors. The list of authors should include all those, who can claim authorship in accordance with the authorship policies of ICMJE and COPE.

Ethics Committee Approval and Consents

Studies with the participation of human subjects should state both the ethical approval and the type of consent that was received in the methods section of manuscript. If ethical approval has not been obtained, that should also be declared.

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