e-ISSN: 2687-6086
Founded: 2019
Publisher: Isparta University of Applied Sciences
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Regardless of whether the language of the article is Turkish or English, references should be prepared in accordance with the APA 7 format.
Related link: https://apastyle.apa.org/style-grammar-guidelines

Turkish Journal of Science and Engineering is an open-access, scientific and peer-reviewed journal published twice a year. The journal aims to contribute to the scientific and technological development by publishing original studies in the field of basic sciences and engineering and collections within the journal publishing policy. The journal accepts manuscripts written in Turkish and English. The manuscripts submitted to the journal should not have been published before or should not be sent to another journal.

The studies submitted to the journal are pre-evaluated by the editorial board. The editorial board has the right to return the study, which is not found to be published in the journal in terms of language, spelling rules, and content, to the authors without the opinion of the referees. Preliminary studies can be published after being reviewed by the editorial board with a positive opinion of at least two referees.

The authors are responsible for the content and ethics of the studies published in the journal.

2023 - Volume: 5 Issue: 2