About the Journal

Turkish Journal of Water Science and Management is an official publication of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, General Directorate of Water Management. It is a reliable, innovative and peer-reviewed scientific journal that is abstracted and indexed in DergiPark Akademik, in compliance with APA format. It is a print and electronic journal including research articles, invited review papers, technical notes, collation articles, and case studies. The aim of the Journal is to be indexed in international data bases and to become a commonly referred journal at both national and international level.

Turkish Journal of Water Science and Management publishes original articles in the fields of water management, water quality, water chemistry, water treatment, aquatic ecology, modelling, water resources and climate change, engineering structures and hydraulic, hydrology, water law and policy, floods and droughts.

Turkish Journal of Water Science and Management has been published once every six months in January and July and distributed to universities, public institutions/authorities, chambers, non-governmental organizations, colleagues and readers.   

Manuscripts could be submitted in English with an extended Turkish abstract for Turkish manuscript’s writers, and also foreign academicians or writers are excused from writing Öz and an extended Turkish abstract. All submissions (excluding invited papers) are initially reviewed by the associate editors, and the pre-reviewed submissions are sent to referees. Evaluation process is carried out through Dergipark Akademik. The accepted manuscripts pass through the detailed control for the accuracy and then submitted to the authors for approval of publication.

Submission of a manuscript implies that the work has not been published before and its publication in the Turkish Journal of Water Science and Management is approved by the Editor. If the manuscript has been presented at a conference or seminar, this should be stated together with the name, date and the place of the conference/seminar. If the manuscript has been generated as a part of a postgraduate thesis or expertise thesis, this should be stated together with the thesis name and the institution under the title of Acknowledgement.

Double blind peer review in which the names of reviewers and authors are not revealed to each other, is applied to all manuscripts -excluding invited papers- submitted to the Turkish Journal of Water Science and Management. 

Please read the Instructions to Authors before submitting your manuscript.