Year 2005, Volume 6 , Issue 3, Pages 40 - 47 2005-09-01

Globally Collaborative Experiential Learning

Takeshi UTSUMI [1]

The Global University System (GUS) [Utsumi, et al, 2003] is a worldwide initiative to create advanced telecommunications infrastructure for access to educational resources across national and cultural boundaries for global peace. GUS aims to create a worldwide consortium of universities to provide the underdeveloped world with access to 21st Century education via broadband Internet technologies. The aim is to achieve “education and healthcare for all,” anywhere, anytime and at any pace. The GUS works in the major regions of the globe with partnerships of higher education and healthcare institutions. Learners in these regions will be able to take their courses from member institutions around the world to receive a GUS degree. These learners and their professors from partner institutions will also form a global forum for exchange of ideas and information and for conducting collaborative research and development with emerging global GRID computer network technology. Globally Collaborative Environmental Peace Gaming (GCEPG) project [Utsumi, 2003] with a globally distributed computer simulation system, focusing on the issue of environment and sustainable development in developing countries, is to train would-be decision-makers in crisis management, conflict resolution, and negotiation techniques basing on “facts and figures.” The GUS will supply game players from around the world.
The Global University System (GUS), Globally Collaborative Environmental Peace Gaming (GCEPG), Neural Computer Network
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Author: Takeshi UTSUMI


Application Date : February 27, 2015
Acceptance Date : December 4, 2020
Publication Date : September 1, 2005

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