Attitudes of Students Towards Internet

Aytekin ISMAN [1] , Fahme DABAJ [2]

By the developments of technology that is bridge among science and application to supply needs of human beings. Technology affects all aspects and issues in human being’s lives. Especially, it creates competitive trends and global action to people. On the other hand, adaptation to the changes becomes inevitable situation under the perspective of catching competition. Reaching information became the factor of creating easy life by the help of technology. Technological developments open wide range of oppurtunities for people especially in education. Internet is a part of technology in order to catch alternatives on every areas at competitive environment. It provides us to get efficient and fast information, establishing contact with everyone and to have a chance for searching all types of data with its globalization effect. Internet facilities contribute individual to search lonely in order to get information in a stable and comfortable way. This study is vital because of reflecting current and neccessary applications at education which is using internet in an efficient way. Because internet provides easy access to everyone to get knowledge under the dimensions of equality and individuality at competitive environment.
Attitudes of Students, Internet, Distance Education, Technology, Educational Technology, Constructivist Perspective
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Author: Aytekin ISMAN

Author: Fahme DABAJ


Application Date : February 27, 2015
Acceptance Date : December 2, 2020
Publication Date : December 1, 2004

APA Isman, A , Dabaj, F . (2004). Attitudes of Students Towards Internet . Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education , 5 (4) , . Retrieved from