Tips for Developing Media-rich Online Courses

S. JUNAIDI [1] , J. Al-GHAMDI [2]

This paper examines the salient features of online courses necessary for effective learning. It focuses on the major milestones encountered when developing media-rich online courses. Issues of concern and their implications are highlighted at each development milestone. Tips are provided based on the practical experience of the authors in online course development. The paper includes a case study to help developers estimate the time investment required for developing multimedia-intensive course contents.
Distance Education, Multimedia, Online Learning, Online Course
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Author: S. JUNAIDI

Author: J. Al-GHAMDI


Application Date : February 27, 2015
Acceptance Date : November 25, 2020
Publication Date : December 1, 2002

APA Junaıdı, S , Al-ghamdı, J . (2002). Tips for Developing Media-rich Online Courses . Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education , 3 (4) , . Retrieved from