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Educational Television in India

Year 2002, Volume: 3 Issue: 4, - , 01.12.2002


Television is a strong visual medium, which has been found to be very useful in education. Portraying movements, showing visual effects, using language or required audio effects, constitute the delivery of content through TV. In case of educational television, more emphasis is on learning and educational development, that’s why it has been heavily used in education all over the globeOwing to the great presentational power of television, it has been used in India also, as an educational resource, assisting in the process of learning, in different manners. This paper describes various educational television projects adopted in India.

Year 2002, Volume: 3 Issue: 4, - , 01.12.2002



Primary Language English
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R. V. VYAS This is me

R. C. SHARMA This is me

Ashwini KUMAR This is me

Publication Date December 1, 2002
Submission Date February 27, 2015
Published in Issue Year 2002 Volume: 3 Issue: 4


VYAS, R. V., SHARMA, R. C., & KUMAR, A. (2002). Educational Television in India. Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education, 3(4).