Distance Education and Job Market: A Case Study of IGNOU Graduates

Dr. Ashok Kumar GABA [1]

The proposed research based paper aims at finding out the utilisation ofdistance education degrees offered by IGNOU in the job market. The indicators purport to measure the success or otherwise of graduates indifferent subjects areas in obtaining a satisfactory first destination after graduation. Thus, the question of the nature of linkage between th job market and graduate-supply assumes a great significance in any study of trends in the development of higher education. Human capital theory suggests that potential students can be expected to seek a course, which will maximise the expected net benefits accruing from their choice of degree course. They can, therefore, be expected to take into account information relating to the graduate job market. The main focus of the proposed paper is on (a) the reactions of the graduates as to the suitability of their education for obtaining employment; (b) open learning as a way of enabling unemployed learners to combine learning with active job search and to continue learning after obtaining job; (c) finding out the reasons if any for non acceptance the IGNOU degrees in the job market and other institutions, if any; (d) the employers' views on the quality of distance education graduates. The study is based on questionnaire survey of successful learners who qualified in Bachelor' Degree Programmes during June 1992 to December, 1995 examination. The technique of in-depth interview has been applied to know the reasonsfor non-acceptance the INGOU degree in the job market. The findings have been discussed keeping in view the trends as obtained in India and elsewhere, and on the basis of the policy mission of the National Open University.
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Author: Dr. Ashok Kumar GABA


Application Date : February 27, 2015
Acceptance Date : June 18, 2021
Publication Date : March 1, 2000

APA Gaba, D . (2000). Distance Education and Job Market: A Case Study of IGNOU Graduates . Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education , 1 (1) , . Retrieved from https://dergipark.org.tr/en/pub/tojde/issue/16945/176893