Year 2021, Volume 22 , Issue 3, Pages 281 - 292 2021-07-01



Blended Learning has not attained campus-wide integration and adoption as the preferred teaching delivery mode by faculty members a few years after the management of a public university in Ghana decided to move from face to face delivery to the blended mode. This study investigates the barriers impacting faculty Blended Learning in Ghana. The study uses an exploratory qualitative approach to investigate the barriers to faculty non-adoption of blended learning. It also investigates their perceptions and experiences. A total of 22 faculty members from four faculties of the university were purposively selected and interviewed for this study. The data were coded and analyzed using a constant comparative analytical method. Thematic analysis was then applied to generate themes for the findings. The study found four themes that inductively constitute barriers to faculty BL adoption. These are infrastructure, faculty concerns, institutional, technical support barriers. The study provides insights into the lived experiences of faculty members relative to the impediments they face in adopting BL. Thus, administrative managers need to avert their attention to institutional related barriers, faculty related concerns, technical barriers, and infrastructure-related barriers when implementing BL.
Blended Learning, faculty adoption, thematic analysis, adoption barriers, developing country.
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Author: Ahmed ANTWI-BOAMPONG (Primary Author)
Institution: Aalborg University
Country: Denmark


Application Date : October 11, 2020
Acceptance Date : July 24, 2021
Publication Date : July 1, 2021

APA Antwı-boampong, A . (2021). AN INVESTIGATION INTO BARRIERS IMPACTING AGAINST FACULTY BLENDED LEARNING ADOPTION . Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education , 22 (3) , 281-292 . DOI: 10.17718/tojde.961849