Journal of Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality (TOLEHO) is an international academic (online) open-access journal which dedicated to publishing original conceptual and empirical research papers in the fields of tourism, travel and leisure sciences. Journal of TOLEHO which is published online biannually is an open access digital publication subject to peer review (double-blind) specializing in the business and academic analysis of the various processes that take place in the leisure system. Primary publication language of the journal is English.

The journal aims to provide and improve the communication and collaboration between managers, academics and researchers working in the tourism industry to create a platform where new ideas concerning tourism are offered.


From an interdisciplinary perspective, the journal asks for and encourages and papers which come from the hospitality, travel, tourism and leisure sciences. It targets the fulfillment of the role as a forum for presentation and discussion of methodologies and theories, as well as the dissemination of studies and experiences. Furthermore, the journal has some aims such as contributing to other efforts to understand tourism and progress in the various forms of prevention of unwanted effects and enhancing the way by which the quality of life of residents in the target areas. As an editorial policy, publication priority is given to trans-disciplinary studies.

All articles are subject to ‘double-blind-peer-review’. Papers may include a variety of media elements including audio and visual files, a range of image formats and hyperlinks to websites and other online resources.

Submissions won’t be accepted which has been published elsewhere unless it is specifically invited for publication.