Year 2017, Volume 9 , Issue 3, Pages 64 - 72 2017-12-26

In daily life, most of the devices, machines and furniture, which we use in our homes and make our life easier, have many different opening and closing systems. Some criteria may be required for the opening/closing shape of systems. For example, in some systems, it may be desirable that opened part uses minimum volume, facilitates daily life, or the system is balanced in each opening position. Those type of opening and closing systems are widely used sofa beds, seats and bed bases in the furniture sector. Many opening/closing systems have various locking mechanisms which are used to ensure opened final position or in some cases it is held in the final position by the force of the human arm. In this study, a kinematic analysis was carried out to design a base mechanism which could be stabilized at every position instead of the final position, and a virtual prototype was made.

Bed base mechanism, kinematic analysis, virtual prototyping
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Subjects Engineering, Multidisciplinary
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Author: Hüseyin MUTLU
Country: Turkey

Author: Burak Emre YAPANMIŞ


Publication Date : December 26, 2017

APA Mutlu, H , Yapanmış, B . (2017). Design of a New Bed Base Mechanism System . International Journal of Engineering Research and Development , 9 (3) , 64-72 . DOI: 10.29137/umagd.348636