Year 2020, Volume 12 , Issue 2, Pages 700 - 710 2020-06-30

The Importance of Energy Quality in Medical Devices and Evaluation of Measurements Made in Kırıkkale University Medical Faculty MRI Device within the Scope of TS EN 50160

Emre METİN [1] , Özgür KARAGÜLLE [2] , Kardelen KAMIŞLI [3] , Ertuğrul ÇAM [4]

Today, the increase in demand for electrical energy has revealed a more reliable and higher quality energy concept. This subject has taken its place in electrical engineering as "Power Quality" or "Electric Energy Quality" and has made a point for its importance with the studies on it. Especially in the process of working with devices containing electronic circuits with direct current and using the alternating current offered from the network by using rectifiers, the devices may fail or become disabled due to self-protection circuits in case of power quality problems arising from the mains or the rectifiers of the device. In this article, a detailed analysis is carried out considering the problem may be due to the power quality due to the fact that the MRI device in Kırıkkale University Faculty of Medicine is in continuous failure mode. In addition, the analyzes made in accordance with TS EN 50160 standard within the scope of the research were analyzed in computer environment and the results were shared in our article. In this article, the relationship between power quality problems and grounding is also examined.
energy analysis, , en50160, power qualty
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Orcid: 0000-0002-9905-402X
Author: Emre METİN
Institution: AES Innovation
Country: Turkey

Orcid: 0000-0002-7937-3103
Author: Özgür KARAGÜLLE
Institution: AES Innovation
Country: Turkey

Orcid: 0000-0002-5526-2767
Author: Kardelen KAMIŞLI
Institution: AES Innovation
Country: Turkey

Orcid: 0000-0001-6491-9225
Author: Ertuğrul ÇAM (Primary Author)
Institution: Kırıkkale University
Country: Turkey


Publication Date : June 30, 2020

APA Meti̇n, E , Karagülle, Ö , Kamışlı, K , Çam, E . (2020). The Importance of Energy Quality in Medical Devices and Evaluation of Measurements Made in Kırıkkale University Medical Faculty MRI Device within the Scope of TS EN 50160 . International Journal of Engineering Research and Development , 12 (2) , 700-710 . DOI: 10.29137/umagd.747710