Evaluation of Patients Diagnosed with COVID-19

Muhammed Semih GEDİK [1] , Hakan HAKKOYMAZ [2] , Nuri Mehmet BASAN [3]

Aim: This study was conducted to share our experiences, analyses and results related to patients diagnosed with COVID-19 with the aim of contributing to the literature in the diagnosis and treatment of and the combat against the COVID-19 disease. Here, we report the epidemiological, clinical, laboratory and radiological characteristics of COVID-19 patients as well as their treatments and clinical outcomes. Method: This study was conducted as a descriptive and epidemiological study. We included patients admitted to the secondary step public hospital in Kahramanmaras, affiliated with the Ministry of Health, and who were evaluated, followed-up and treated for diagnosed of COVID-19. The patients' data such as age, gender, complaints, blood test results, imaging findings, PCR results and prognosis were recorded. Results: 73 patients diagnosed with COVID-19 were examined. 42.5% of the patients were aged 60 and over. The most complaints of the patients diagnosed with COVID-19, were cough, fever and shortness of breath.57% of the patients had lymphocytopenia, and 42.3% had hypocalcemia. Conclusion: While the typical symptoms are crucial in patients applying for COVID-19, healthcare workers should also pay attention to atypical symptoms. The PCR test is primarily used in the diagnosis of COVID-19, but detecting compatibility with COVID-19 in CT of the thorax is more effective in diagnosis. COVID-19 patients have high D-dimer, CRP, PCT and ferritin levels and low lymphocyte levels. Most patients were observed to have a good general condition, with low overall mortality rates. The main issue in combatting COVID-19 is isolation and hygiene conditions.
COVID-19, Coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2
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Author: Muhammed Semih GEDİK (Primary Author)
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Author: Hakan HAKKOYMAZ
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Author: Nuri Mehmet BASAN
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Application Date : May 22, 2020
Acceptance Date : July 6, 2020
Publication Date : September 29, 2020

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