Author Guidelines

A) General Information

1.The publication language of SUJE is English and Turkish. After the acceptance of a Turkish manuscript, its English translation is also required. The facsimile versions of the articles written in Turkish language are published in Turkish and English. The Turkish version of the articles that is sent in English is not required. Turkish title, abstract and keywords have to be in the articles submitted in English.

2. SUJE journal is published online triannually in April, August and December. Only “Original Research Articles” are published in SUJE. 

B) Writing Rules

1. The manuscripts to be sent to SUJE journal have to be prepared by taking into consideration the in-text and end-text references, tables and figures specified in APA6 Turkish and English versions.

Please click on the below link to access the APA6 Turkish version:

Please click on the below link to access the APA6 English version:

2. The manuscripts sent to SUJE journal have to be prepared by taking into consideration the explanations given in the template file of the journal and be prepared by using SUJE journal template.

Please click on the below link click here for SUJE journal Turkish template:

Please click on the below link click here for SUJE journal English template:

3. There should not be any information about the author(s) in the manuscripts submitted to SUJE journal. If there should be any description about the submission, it should be stated in the section of “Note to the Editor”.

4. In the article, the first level titles have to be set as 11 point, left aligned, bold and all capital letters and have to be numbered as in the template respectively. Second-level and lower-level headings are not enumerated. These headings are left-aligned, 10 points and thick, and only the first letters of the words have to be written in capital.

5. The length of the manuscript should not exceed 8000 words including bibliography.

C) Evaluation process

1. The evaluation process for the articles submitted to SUJE is as follows:

 a) Screening out manuscript with the journal template and checking its plagiarism situation.

 b) Forwarding manuscript to the relevant field editor.

 c) Evaluation of manuscript by the field editor in terms of the context, compliance with the scientific publication principles and language / expression.

 d) Being sent of manuscript by the field editor to at least two referees who are capable of evaluating the study; forwarding the manuscript to author(s) with the referee reports for correction; the acceptance or rejection of manuscript as a result of review of the corrections from author(s).

 e) Checking the status of plagiarism before preparation of the manuscript for publication and forwarding the manuscript to the layout editor.

D) Ethical Responsibilities and Principles

Ethical Responsibilities of Authors

 a) The author (s) have to refer and / or cite all the studies that they benefit from completely and accurately.

 b) Person / persons who do not contribute to the study should not be mentioned as authors.

 c) Authors should not submit their work to more than one journal at the same time. The articles that were previously published elsewhere should not be sent to our journal.

E) Open Access Policy

SUJE journal is an open access journal and presents its content directly to open access. SUJE journal aims to contribute to the development and promotion of science with its Open Access content. So long as it is referenced according to the known standards, all its remaining usage (online linking, copying, printing, replication and distribution in any physical environment) rights (unless indicated otherwise in the relevant content) except for commercial use and content change are put into use thorough “Creative Commons Through Quote 4.0 International License”. SUJE journal is based on the public interest principle. It does not charge any fee for authors and content users.

F) Plagiarism

All candidate articles submitted to SUJE journal are checked with iThenticate software. The plagiarism rate of a candidate study sent to SUJE journal cannot be more than 25%, except for the references. SUJE has the right to refuse all the candidate articles with academic plagiarism during editorial process.