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The Preliminary Investigation of Brands’ Advertising Personality on Young Viewers’ Perceptions
Genç İzleyicilerin Markaların Reklam Kişiliğini Algılamalarına Yönelik Bir Araştırma


Most of the multinational companies believe that advertising plays a crucial role in building a brand. Developing and maintaining a powerful brand in the fullest sense requires a convincing promise of value/benefit for consumers and conforming that the promise is kept. Mostly, the literature reviews brand personality as one of the core dimensions of the brand identity and perhaps as the closest variable to the consumers’ buying process. All marketing communication tools, especially advertising, are pivotal to create awareness, influence and form a desire to buy a specific brand. This paper attempts to explore the tendency to present how one company manages to create two different brand personalities on the same sector that are supported by advertising.
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Kurum: Istanbul Commerce University, Istanbul-Turkey

Yazar: Figen YILDIRIM
Kurum: Istanbul Commerce University, Istanbul-Turkey


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APA Bayazıt Sahınoglu, D , Yıldırım, F . (2016). The Preliminary Investigation of Brands’ Advertising Personality on Young Viewers’ Perceptions . AJIT-e: Bilişim Teknolojileri Online Dergisi , 7 (22) , 83-90 . DOI: 10.5824/1309-1581.2016.1.006.x