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Towards a New Paradigm of Education; The End of Positional Hegemonies
Towards a New Paradigm of Education; The End of Positional Hegemonies

Emin Doğan AYDIN [1]

Teaching courses about New Media simultaneously in the various years of an undergraduate curriculum has interesting consequences. It happens every semester again and again, that you discover some new development in your field and begin to discuss it with those who are close to their graduation and the newcomers at the same time. Than you tell your older students about this phenomenon of injustice, warning them that the younger are more lucky because they get acquainted with new inventions at an earlier stage; that the content of your syllabus is getting quickly outdated and has to be revised during each semester; and since you will not be available in their future life they should be alert and continue research in their professional life.
New Media education
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Yazar: Emin Doğan AYDIN
Kurum: Faculty of Communication, Istanbul


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