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Başlangıç: 2018
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From 2021 onwards, Fundamental Journal of Mathematics and Applications indexed by TR Index and Index Copernicus, will be published four times a year , at intervals of three months (March, June, September and December), and only in online version.

Fundamental Journal of Mathematics and Applications (FUJMA) (Fundam. J. Math. Appl.) 2645-8845 (online) is a double blind peer reviewed Open Access journal that publishes original research articles, review articles and survey articles related to Mathematics. Open access means that articles published in Fundamental Journal of Mathematics and Applications are available online to the reader “without financial, legal, or technical barriers”. We publish online versions. Accepted paper will be published online immediately after it gets ready to publish. Similarity percentage must be less than 30% without bibliography.

No submission or processing fees are required. The journal appears in 4 numbers per year and has been published since 2018. Survey papers are also welcome. Fundamental Journal of Mathematics and Applications policy normally permits a maximum of 1 (one) paper per calendar year, per author and co-author.

Coverage touches on a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to: 

  • Functional analysis and operator theory
  • Real and harmonic analysis
  • Complex analysis
  • Functional, ordinary and partial differential equations
  • Control and optimization Probability
  • Applied mathematics
  • Convex and geometric analysis
  • Numerical solution of differential and integral equations
  • Optimization theory
  • Linear and nonlinear integral equations
  • Fractional calculus

The average time during which the preliminary assessment of manuscripts is conducted: 3

The average time during which the reviews of manuscripts are conducted: 60

The average time in which the article is published: 90

2022 - Cilt: 5 Sayı: 4

Araştırma Makalesi

New Traveling Wave Solutions for the Sixth-Order Boussinesq Equation

Araştırma Makalesi

On Complete Group Classification of Time Fractional Systems Evolution Differential Equation with a Constant Delay
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