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Yıl: 2022

Higher Education Governance and Policy (HEGP) is the scholarly journal of the Association for Higher Education Studies (Yükseköğretim Çalışmaları Derneği). HEGP aims to inform an international audience about higher education policies and management practices around the world.

The core scope of HEGP is the development of higher education policies and their reflections in management practices in different countries’ systems. Considering their policy-making and strategy-management functions together, the larger scope of HEGP includes shaping governance structures in the higher education sector from an institutional to a global level. Accordingly, HEGP prioritises studies with an international perspective on policy development and managerial practices in higher education. While authors take an institutional, local, or national case as a basis, they should enrich their studies through comparative and international discussions structuring on different higher education institutions such as universities, research institutes, community colleges, or vocational schools.

Manuscripts must be prepared following the 6th version of the American Psychological Association (APA) Manual (as 6th APA Guideline).


Basically, manuscripts should be formatted on A4-size paper with 2.5 cm margins on each side. The text should be written in 12-points Times New Roman font with 1.5 spacing, and one-line space between paragraphs. The text should include three level headings at most. Including main text, references, tables, graphs, figures, etc., your manuscript should be composed of 6,000 - 8,000 words. This word limit does not include 250 words abstract and keywords, and also Appendix/Appendicies. 


You can download the “manuscript_template” here.

You can download the "author agreement" here.


You can download the “submission_sample” here.

You can download the "e-submission_guideline" here. Or, you can watch the "submission_video" here (suggesting download the video first, and then watch).

As an online, open-access journal, HEGP will be published twice a year, in June and December. The editorial team has a right to publish special issues if they receive proposals on the topics within the scope of the journal. The editorial team also has a right to increase publication frequency or change the proposed publication times.

HEGP strictly follows the International Standards for Editors and Authors outlined by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). COPE Code of Conduct guidelines are available at:

HEGP is a peer-reviewed international journal that publishes articles in English. HEGP operates a double-blind (anonymous) peer-review process presenting manuscripts to at least two expert reviewers. The editorial team might request a peer evaluation from another reviewer if necessary, upon one accept/revision and one reject decision of first two reviewers. All this review process usually takes around three months.

During the initial check of manuscripts, HEGP receives a textual similarity report using a Textual Matching Software. Instead of textual similarity ratio, the editorial team focuses on the manuscript sections that need to be developed to avoid plagiarism. In the necessary cases, author(s) has/have a right to ask the similarity report of the Textual Matching Software by email to the editorial team.

Authors must include the related information about the ethical approval process, if necessary, in their manuscript. The editorial team might request a copy of ethical approval document(s) to oversee the compliance of ethical standards.

If the manuscript is accepted at the end of the peer-review process, the editorial team will again receive a textual similarity report for the accepted version before publication.

In the case, after publication, if the editorial team identifies any kind of incidental misconduct, they have a right to retract the article from publication until such misconduct is resolved. In this regard, the editorial team can ask the author(s)' correction on articles when needed. In such cases, as a part of their responsibilities, the editorial team will also publish necessary corrections, clarifications, retraction notes, and/or apologies in the next issue.

For the peer-review and publication process in HEGP, there is no fee for Manuscript Application or Article Processing Charge.

HEGP also provides immediate open-access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge. Therefore, HEGP supports The Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI). See the details on BOAI at:

HEGP adheres to the “Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CCA4.0I)” licence. Read the full-text legal code at: The legal codes permit unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. The CCA4.0I licence also allows authors to use all articles, data sets, graphics and appendices in data mining applications, search engines, web sites, blogs and other platforms by providing appropriate references:

Based on the BOAI and the CCA4.0I licence, author(s) have all intellectual property rights of his/her/their article published in HEGP. Aside his/her/their ownership in HEGP, with this agreement, author(s) accept(s) to allow beneficiaries to use his/her/their article(s), data set(s), graphic(s) and appendix(ces) in data mining applications, search engines, web sites, blogs and other platforms by providing appropriate references.

Higher Education Governance and Policy (HEGP) is a scholarly journal based on voluntary contributions of editors and reviewers; thus, HEGP does not charge any price under any names.