Cilt: 6 Sayı: 2, 1.04.2016

Yıl: 2016

Araştırma Makalesi


2. The Comparative Comparison of Exchange Rate Models


16. Resource Saving Innovative Forms of the Industrial Enterprises


17. Comparison of Investment Activity of the Russian and Foreign Manufacturers: Case from Manufacturing of Transportation Vehicles


18. Asymmetric Flow-Performance Relationship: Case of Chinese Equity Funds


23. Integrated Management of Flows in Petroleum Products Supply Chains in the Field of Hydrocarbons Deep Processing


28. Cash Flow Sensitivity of Cash: A Cross Country Analysis


36. Gulf Cooperation Council Stock Returns and the Effect of Domestic Monetary Policy Shocks


37. Econometric Methods for Evaluating of Open National Innovative Systems


40. Does Corruption Increase Antidumping Investigations?


48. Priority Directions of Development of Innovation Education Cluster in the Regional Agro-industrial Complex


50. The Analysis of Foreign Trade Activities of Russia and Asia-Pacific Region


52. Market Efficiency of Commercial Bank in Financial Crisis


54. Does Foreign Capital Increase Tax Revenue: The Turkish Case


57. The Value Relevance of Comprehensive Income in Nigerian: A Pilot Test


59. Sustainability of Current Account Deficit in Turkey (1989–2014)