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Başlangıç: 2011
Yayımcı: İlhan ÖZTÜRK
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2017 - Cilt: 7 Sayı: 4

Konferans Bildirisi

8. Mapping of Featured Micro-small-medium Enterprises in Buleleng Regency, Bali, Indonesia


9. Separating and Merging Cash Flows: Investigating Five-element Cash Flows Statement


10. Does Exchange Rate Volatility Deter Trade in Sub-Saharan Africa?


11. Debt and Economic Growth in an Oil Rich Economy: Evidence from Saudi Arabia


14. Intellectual Capital and Corporate Governance in Financial Performance Indonesia Islamic Banking


17. Causal Effects and Dynamic Relationship between Exchange Rate Volatility and Economic Development in Liberia


18. Boom-Bust Housing Price Dynamic: The Case of Malaysia


19. The Problem of Transfer Pricing in Indonesia Taxation System


20. Political, Social and Economic Determinants of Corruption


21. Mutual Funds Performance: Conventional and Sharia Product


23. Using Financial Analysis Methods in the Hotel Sector for the Purposes of Planning and Monitoring Case Study Al Zaitonia Hotel

Konferans Bildirisi

29. Agglomeration of Manufacturing Industrial, Economic Growth, And Interregional Inequality in South Sumatra, Indonesia


30. Full-time Work Determinants in Rural Urban Fringe


31. Historical Incidences of Credit Rationing among Micro and Small Enterprises in Kenya


32. The Linkage of Human and Money Flows to Rural-Urban Fringe Poverty in South Sumatra, Indonesia: In an Islamic Perspective


36. Analyze the Determinants of Capital Structure for Vietnamese Real Estate Listed Companies


37. The Urgency of Allignment Islamic Bank to Increasing the Outreach (Indonesia Evidence)


43. Study of Information Asymmetry Effect on Price Synchronism in Tehran Stock Exchange


45. Assesing Early Warning System Model for Banking Crisis in ASEAN Countries


46. Examining the Relative Roles of Domestic and Foreign Direct Investments in Nigeria


52. International Financial Reporting Standards Convergence and Quality of Accounting Information: Evidence from Indonesia


55. The Role of Corruption Control in Moderating the Relationship Between Value Added Tax and Income Inequality


57. Illiquidity, Investor Sentiment and Stock Returns: Evidence from Malaysia


58. Problems and Prospects of the Foreign Direct Investment-based Organization in Bangladesh


59. Capital Structure and Firm Performance During Global Financial Crisis


60. Financial Literacy and Risk Tolerance towards Saving and Investment: A Case Study in Malaysia

Konferans Bildirisi

67. Communism, Culture, and Financial Development


68. The Effects of Global Commodity Prices on Domestic Prices in Saudi Arabia


69. Influences of Intellectual Property and Capital to the Performance of the Corporate Image Award Winning Companies in Indonesia


75. Functional Forms and Oligopolistic Models: An Empirical Analysis


76. Statistical Arbitrage Pairs Trading with High-frequency Data


84. Macroeconomic Prognosis of Employment in the Czech Republic