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Cilt: 7 Sayı: 4, 1.12.2017

Yıl: 2017

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9. Separating and Merging Cash Flows: Investigating Five-element Cash Flows Statement


11. Debt and Economic Growth in an Oil Rich Economy: Evidence from Saudi Arabia


17. Causal Effects and Dynamic Relationship between Exchange Rate Volatility and Economic Development in Liberia


18. Boom-Bust Housing Price Dynamic: The Case of Malaysia


19. The Problem of Transfer Pricing in Indonesia Taxation System


21. Mutual Funds Performance: Conventional and Sharia Product


30. Full-time Work Determinants in Rural Urban Fringe


37. The Urgency of Allignment Islamic Bank to Increasing the Outreach (Indonesia Evidence)


57. Illiquidity, Investor Sentiment and Stock Returns: Evidence from Malaysia


58. Problems and Prospects of the Foreign Direct Investment-based Organization in Bangladesh


59. Capital Structure and Firm Performance During Global Financial Crisis

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67. Communism, Culture, and Financial Development


68. The Effects of Global Commodity Prices on Domestic Prices in Saudi Arabia