Cilt: 7 Sayı: 3, 1.09.2017

Yıl: 2017

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1. International Financial Reporting Standard Adoption and Value Relevance of Accounting Information in Nigeria


9. Social Capital in Moneylenders Phenomenon in Blimbing Traditional Market Malang Indonesia


10. The Determinant of the Possibility of Merger in Indonesia


11. Measuring the Nonmonetary Component of General Value for Goods and Services

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15. Risk-free Yields, Risk Aversion, and Volatility


16. An Analysis of Determinants Affecting the Returns of Dow Jones Sustainability Index United States


19. Capital Intensity Effects on International Capital Flows and Current Account of Association of Southeast Asian Nations + 6 Countries


23. Analysis of Rice Distribution in South Sumatera, Indonesia


29. A Systematic Literature Review on Tax Amnesty in 9 Asian Countries


36. Investigate the Relationship between Institutional Ownership in Tehran Stock Exchange


54. Why do Firms Change Their Dividend Policy?


58. Do Inflation Targeting Really Reduced Exchange Rate Pass-through?


66. Petro Rents and Higher Education: A Cross-country Examination


68. The Effect of Stock Prices and Exchange Rates on Economic Growth in Indonesia


75. Modelling and Forecasting Recessions in Oil-Exporting Countries: The Case of Iran


83. How Terrorism Affects Foreign Direct Investment in Pakistan?


90. Bankruptcy and Insolvency: An Exploration of Relevant Theories


91. The Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Somalia


93. Performance Analysis of Commercial Banks in the Kingdom of Bahrain (2001-2015)


98. Tax Reforms and Tax Yield in Nigeria