Cilt: 6 Sayı: 2, 1.04.2016

Yıl: 2016

Araştırma Makalesi


1. Development of the Flour-milling Industry in the Republic of Kazakhstan in Modern Times


2. Implementation of a Comparative Evaluation Method of Stable Socio-economic Development


3. Topical Issues of the Theory and Practice of Import Substitution in the Russian Federation


4. Efficiency of Vehicle Operation


5. Analysis of Researching Dynamics and Structure of Consumer Expenditure of the Russian Population


7. Problems of Ecological and Economic Transformation of Natural Management Systems and Territories: Example of the South of Russia


8. Gold and its Determining Role in Modernization and Technological Processes Related to Changing Geo-economic Structure of the World


9. Challenges and Perspectives for Development of Banking Credit Infrastructure in Russia


10. Progressive Areas of Developing Transforming Factors of Tourism and Recreational Cluster of the Volgograd Region


11. Technique of the Analysis and Assessment of Innovative Industrial Risks at Different Stages of Innovative Activity


12. Transformation of Innovation Infrastructure in the Conditions of Organizational Changes in Russia


14. Problems and Prospects of Innovative and Investment Development of Modern Russia


16. Social Protection of the Poverty: Problems and Solutions


17. The Principles of the Consumer Right Protection in Electronic Trade: A Comparative Law Analysis


18. Interrelation of Regional Markets of Labor and Educational Services: Problems and Prospects


21. Program Development of Small and Medium Enterprises in Stavropol Region of the Russian Federation


22. Assessment of Customers’ Perception of Social Responsibility of Trade Business


24. Disclosure of Assets of the Agricultural Enterprises in the Financial Reporting under International Financial Reporting Standards


25. Socio-economic Development of Regions of Russia: Assessment of the State and Directions of Improvement


27. Overview of the Main Directions of Budgetary Policy and Innovations of the Russian Budgetary Legislation for the Period of 2016-2018


29. Conditions for Developing Sustainable Growth of Region’s Agricultural Industry


30. Tax Incentives for Small and Medium Businesses in European Union Countries in the Crisis Period


31. Peculiarities of Enterprises Functioning Under Conditions of Cyclicality of the Economy


32. Topical Issues of Accounting of Leasing Transactions in Terms of International Financial Reporting Standards


34. Foreign Trade Activity of the Russian Federation in the Current Context


35. Securitization of Bank Assets as a Source of Financing the Innovation Activity


36. Import Substitution in Agrarian Sector as the Basis of Technological Breakthrough to Innovational Production


38. Socio-economic Aspects of Mortgage Lending for Housing Construction in Tatarstan


39. Investigating the Impact of Monetary Policy using the Vector Autoregression Method


40. Pedagogical Bases of Formation of Key Information Technology Competencies Polytechnic Institute Graduates


41. The Social Significance of the Cluster in the Economy


42. Creation of Clusters of Small Enterprises of the Region