Cilt: 6 Sayı: 8, 1.11.2016

Yıl: 2016

Araştırma Makalesi


1. Economic Zones as a Factor of Increased Economic Competitiveness of the Region


2. Macroeconomic Trends and Features of Regional Economy Development in the 21st Century


3. Funds Management as Relation System in Business Company for Highly Effective Finance Administration


4. Peculiarities of Isolated Clusters Operation


5. Compression of Economic Space and its Impact on Peripheral Areas


6. Russian Business Medium: Competition Problems


7. Introduction of Lean Production at Russian Enterprises: Perspectives and Problems


8. Tourism as a Factor of Increased Competitiveness of the Region


9. Agrarian Policy of the Region in Terms of Economic Development Innovation


11. Planning of New Products Technological Mastering and its Influence on Economic Indicators of Companies


12. The Conditions of Economic Efficiency and Competitiveness of Tourism Enterprises


13. Innovation Performance and its Influence on Enterprise Economic Efficiency in the Market


14. Banks: Old Actors of the New Economy


16. Financial Management as a System of Relations of the Enterprise for Highly Efficient Management of its Finances


18. Innovative Activity of Financial and Industrial Groups


19. Functioning of Innovative Territorial Clusters


20. Peculiarities of Socio-economic Support of Federal Subjects of Russia


23. Cluster-Management as a Technology for Increasing the Efficiency of Territory Resource Exploitation in a Region


24. Features of Development of Regional Economy and Macroeconomic Trends in the XXI Century


25. Taxes Harmonization Features in the European Union Countries


26. Human Resource Management in the Context of the Global Economic Crisis


27. Organization, Planning and Control of Marketing Logistics


28. Areas of Economic as the Factor of Improvement Regional Competitiveness


30. The Economics of Innovation in Modern Russia: Practice, Problems and Prospects


31. Principles of Profit Taxation of Commercial Banks in Russia and Abroad


32. Features of the Distribution and Placement of objects of Cognitive Tourism in Kuban and their Relationship


35. Influence a Healthy Lifestyle of the Youth on the Russian Economy


36. Planning of Technological Development of New Products and Its Impact on the Economic Performance of the Enterprise


37. Public Administration and Municipal Governance and Its Significance for a Modern Democratic Society


39. Features of Social and Economic Support of the Territorial Subjects of the Russian Federation


40. Psychological Aspects of Management and Economics of Higher Education


41. Agrarian Policy of the Region in Terms of Economic Development Innovation


42. Innovative Territorial Clusters


43. The Main Trends and Prospects of Development of International Tourism


44. The Global Financial Crisis and the Banking System of Russia: Problems and Prospects


46. Strategy of Disruptive Innovation in Emerging Regional Markets: Factors of Success and Failure


50. Problems of Creating a Favorable Investment Climate in Russian Regions


51. The Concept of Smart Economy as the Basis for Sustainable Development of Ukraine


60. Organizational Citizenship Behaviour in Public Sector: Does Job Satisfaction Play a Role



21. Public Private Partnership in Social Sphere: Models Review