International Journal of Environment and Geoinformatics, Emission Special Issue 2022: Call for Papers

The journal ‘IJEGEO’ publishes a topical collection on ‘emission’. We are waiting for your article to bring together various works from many branches in this special issue. Emission Special Issue is a peer-reviewed forum that is intended to be created using various disciplines to improve our understanding of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas interactions. The main purpose of this collection is to examine the mechanisms that exist or should be in reducing emissions and strengthening the removal of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere to mitigate the effects of climate change, and to raise awareness.
All manuscripts will be pre-screened by the editorial board and, if suitable, reviewed by at least two external experts.
Key themes in the scope of the special issue include:
 GHG protocols, standards, methodologies, emission inventories,accounting and metrics
 Transportation emissions
 Energy Efficiency and mitigation analysis
 The carbon cycle etc.
 Policy planning and implementation
 Uncertainty
 Information and communication technologies (ICTs)

Thank you for your submission to IJEGEO 


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