The International Journal of Engineering Science And Application (IJESA) seeks to stimulate and publicize knowledge of the various topics of engineering technologies. The journal targets to present to the international community important results of work in the fields of engineering such as imagining, researching, planning, creating, testing, improving, implementing, using and asking. The journal also aims to help engineers, researchers, scientists, manufacturers, universities, institutions, industries, world agencies, societies, etc. to keep up with new developments in theory and applications and to provide alternative solutions to current engineering issues.


The International Journal of Engineering Science and Application is a free of charge and quarterly published journal operating an online submission and peer review system. It allows authors to submit articles online and track their progress via its web interface. The journal aims for a publication speed of 60 days from submission until final publication.


Owner, on behalf of Nisantasi University

Rector Prof. Dr. SENAY YALCIN

Editor-in-Chief Professor ILHAMI COLAK

ISSN: 2548-1185 (print)

ISSN: 2587-2176 (online)

ISSN 2548-1185
e-ISSN 2587-2176
Period: Quarterly
Founded: 2016
Publisher: Nisantasi University