Yazım Kuralları

Submitted articles has not been previously published, nor be submitted to other journals. Authors should ensure about the originality of the paper and the data and related ethical issues such as plagiarism.  

Requirements for Journal’s review and publication process


Articles must be written in English.

Title Page

All articles should include a title page that contains the title of the article, the name of the author (authors), and the corresponding author’s full postal and e-mail address. This page should be separated from the first page of the article which contains the abstract, keywords and the main text of the article.

Manuscript Requirements

·       All articles must be prepared by Word. The Times New Roman font (Font size 12) must be used. The font in the tables can be minimised at most, to the font size of 8.

·       Line spacing in the text must be 1.5. The paragraphs should not be indented.

·       Manuscript length: Between 6,500 and 7,500 words.

·       Subdivisions in the text must be as follows: Subsections should be numbered as 1.1 and 1.1.1 then.

·       Margins, 2.5 cms. all around.

·       After the title page, all pages must be numbered at the right bottom of the page

The order in the article must be as follows:

·       Title of the article

·       Abstract (150-200 words long)

Should include up to five keywords

·       Introduction

·       Research Methodology

·       Analysis

·       Conclusion/Discussion and Recommendations

·       References

Requirements for Referencing


References in the text

a.      Mentioning of the author(s): Granovetter (1987) discuss or Granovetter et al. (1987) argue

b.      Reference to author (s): (Granovetter, 1990) or (Granovetter and Miles, 1990) or (Granovetter et.al, 1990)

c.       Three to five authors: Last name of the first author is stated and followed by “et.al” : (Meijboom, et., al 2010) and Meijboom et al. (1990)

d.      Multiple references: (Granovetter, 1990; Miles, 1987)

e.       Web page: (Kilduff and Brass, 2003)


a.      Must be in alphabetical order with no numbering

b.      Article:   Hodges, K. and  Wotring, J.R. (2012). Outcomes Management: Incorporating and Sustaining Processes Critical to Using Outcome Data to Guide Practice Improvement, The Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research, Vol. 39

c. Book: Holloway,J.C. (1983). The Business of Tourism (7th Edition), Prentice Hall: UK 

  d. Book with an Editor

Knudsen, C and Tsoukas, H. (Ed). (2005). The Oxford Handbook of Organizational Theory, Oxford University Press, New York

e.        Web page

Herrick,D.M.  (2007). Medical Tourism: Global Competition in Health Care.  Retrieved 15 March, 2014, http://w.medretreat.com/templates/UserFiles/Documents/Medical%20Tourism%20-%20NCPA%20Report.pdf