ISSN: 2636-8692
Başlangıç: 2018
Yayıncı: Mahmut AKYİĞİT
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Online ISSN: 2636-8692         

Founder and Editor in Chief: Mahmut Akyiğit

Abbreviations: JMSM, J. Math. Sci. Model.

Journal of Mathematical Sciences and Modelling  answers the research needs of scholars of mathematical modelling and mathematical control theory. It aims to provide an effective medium for research mathematicians and a way to quickly publish high-quality original papers, so as to convey the latest important progress in their professional field to colleagues and scientists in related disciplines. It covers all areas of numerical analysis, numerical solutions of differential and integral equations, numerical linear algebra, optimization theory, approximation theory, control theory and fuzzy theory with applications, mathematical modeling in all major areas of applied sciences, computer simulation and parallel algorithms. Each submitted article is processed carefully, fairly, promptly, and the accepted papers appear in the journal in the shortest time.

All the submitted papers are checked by iThenticate against plagiarism and the similarities up to 30% without references are accepted.

JMSM is an Open Access journal. No submission or processing fees are required.

The journal appears in 3 numbers per year (April, August and December) and it has been published since 2018. 

The average time during which the preliminary assessment of manuscripts is conducted: 3 days

The average time during which the reviews of manuscripts are conducted: 75 days

The average time in which the article is published: 120 days

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The published articles in JMSM are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.