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The International Journal of Data Science and Applications (JOINDATA) stands as a distinguished, peer-reviewed publication dedicated to advancing the field of data science and its practical applications. As an affiliate of Sakarya University of Applied Sciences, JOINDATA provides a robust platform for researchers and practitioners to delve into the latest developments in data science across diverse domains. In the dynamic digital landscape of today, JOINDATA serves as a beacon, illuminating the path of innovation and knowledge dissemination.

Published semi-annually in June and December, JOINDATA maintains a consistent schedule, offering researchers a regular opportunity to explore the forefront of advancements through the submission and publication of research papers. This dynamic frequency not only facilitates the sharing of insights but also empowers contributors to uncover and contribute to the ongoing progress in the field of data science and its practical applications.

We actively seek and publish high-quality research papers from experts around the globe, with a specific focus on the integration of intelligent systems and data science across various academic fields. Our overarching mission is to provide a reliable and comprehensive platform for scholars and researchers to explore cutting-edge advancements, thereby contributing to the overall advancement of knowledge.

JOINDATA's biannual publication aligns with our mission to create a dependable platform for academics and scholars worldwide to delve into cutting-edge advancements through research papers. Additionally, we emphasize that our journal is published in English, and issues are released in June and December. Our continued dedication is to contribute significantly to the integration of intelligent systems and applied data science across diverse academic disciplines.

2023 - Cilt: 6 Sayı: 2

Araştırma Makalesi

1. Performing DISC Personal Inventory Analysis in Job Postings Using Artificial Intelligence Methods

AI Research and Application Center, Sakarya University of Applied Sciences, Sakarya, Türkiye.