Rota virus infections: prevalence, diagnosis and prevention

Padmanabhan VİDYA [1] , Arun PONNAMBALAM [2] , Palani GUNASEKERAN [3] , Kavitha ARUNAGİRİ [4] , Mohana SAMBASİVAM [5] , Kaveri KRİSHNASAMİ [6]

Background: Diarrhoea is one of the leading causes of infant mortality. Various diagnostic methods are available and there is a need to select an ideal one. The use of Vaccines, its efficacy needs to be studied. Methods: A pubmed search, pubchem assay journal of epidemiology and infection, Google search generated results were included for review, out of 900 articles generated 111 articles are studied and were included for review. Conclusion: Molecular typing methods for viruses should aim to provide clinically and biologically useful information about field viruses, particularly with regard to virulence, viral epidemiology, and virus serotype identification. These data may be important for assessing the need for introducing rotavirus surveillance and vaccines into immunization programs in India particularly Tamilnadu.


Rota virus, Gastroenteritis, RNA viruses, Vaccines, Rotatrix.
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