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Instructions to Authors
Journal of Soft Computing and Artificial Intelligence is an international peer-reviewed journal that publishes papers in all fields of Engineering. The Journal publishes papers reporting original contributions to scientific knowledge. While submitting the manuscript, the Author (s) should clearly indicate his/her field of specialization. Research articles in a language other than English are NOT entertained.

No charges are required from the Authors to publish the articles.

Similarity with other documents (Plagiarism) should not exceed 20%.

Preparation of Manuscript

  • Manuscripts submitted to our journals should be written in English.
  • A template for the manuscript submission can be downloaded from by  Click here for .docx format.
  • The main text should be single-column paginated vary from 5 to 20 pages, starting with the Title/Abstract page and ending with the References page(s). Page numbers should appear at the top left of the pages.
  • Manuscripts should be typewritten with double spacing and wide margins (25mm) at all sides. A font size of 11 points and text in Times New Roman style is required.
  • Words to be printed in italics should appear as italics or be underlined in the manuscript.


  • The title page should contain the title of the paper, the names(s) of the author(s), their institutional address(es) and an abstract. Up to 5 keywords should be given below the abstract in alphabetical order and separated by semicolons.
  • The title should be short, specific, and informative. Avoid long titles.
  • The abstract should concisely state the purpose of the investigation and summarize important conclusions. It should be a single paragraph and text font size is 10 in Times New Roman. Avoid abbreviations in abstracts.
  • Use superscripts number to denote the affiliations of authors instead of numbers or alphabets. For more clarification, please refer to our previously published items.

Author Details

The full name for all authors should be given; The names of multiple authors are separated by a comma; Provide the full affiliation for each author including academic affiliation (or postal address), city, postcode, country, e-mail(optional); If multiple authors have contributed to the article, details of the corresponding author should be clear. The E-mail address is compulsory for the corresponding author. The font size must be 10.


An appendix may be included (and is often helpful) in mathematical or computational modeling.

The acknowledgments section is where you may wish to thank people indirectly involved with the research (e.g., technical support; loans of experimental facilities; comments or suggestions during the creation of the manuscript). However, it is important that anyone listed here knows in advance of your acknowledgment of their contribution. Do not include dedications.


  • References to tables in the text should appear as Table 1.
  • Each table should have a brief descriptive title set above the body of the table.
  • Tables should appear in the text in order.

Each figure should have a caption. The caption should be concise and typed separately, not on the figure area; If figures have parts (for example, A and B), make sure all parts are explained in the caption. The font size is 10. Figures must be created at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.

The equation number should be placed in parentheses to the right of the equation.

All sources cited in the text must appear in the reference list, and all items in the reference list must be cited in the text with the IEEE style.

All author names, Book title, Publisher, Country, Year.
e.g. R. F. Voss, J. Clarke. Algorithmic Musical Composition, Silver Burdett Press, Londyn, 1986. 
All author names, Title, Publisher, Journal title, Vol, No, pp, Year e.g. W. Zabierowski, A. Napieralski. Chords classification in tonal music, Journal of Environment Studies, Vol.10, No.5, 50-53. 

Conference Papers 
All author names, Title, Conference title, pp, Year.
e.g. A. Abiewskiro,. Z. Moplskiiera. The Problem Of Grammar Choice For Verification, TCSET of the International Conference , House of Lviv Polytechnic National University, 19-23, 2008.

Online Available: http:// e.g.: Farquhar C, Protein and DNA Music, Online available from http://www.hrpub.com

Peer Review
Each manuscript passing initial screening will be subjected to rigorous and anonymous peer-review by a minimum of 2 peer reviewers. Referees who review a manuscript remain unknown to the authors.

License and Permission
Under the premise of legal publishing, the corresponding author is required to grant an exclusive license to the Journal of Soft Computing and Artificial Intelligence on behalf of all authors. If authors may use their own material in other publications, On the acceptance of a paper, authors will be invited to fill in an electronic copyright transfer form. If the form hasn’t been received along with the final revised manuscript, the publication of your manuscript may be postponed.