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Manas Journal of Engineering is an international peer-reviewed open access online journal at the field of Engineering Science (applied mathematics, food, ecology, chemical and computer engineering, biological chemistry, environmental analysis, geochemistry, materials science etc.) which aims to contribute to universal knowledge by publishing original works (full papers, short communications, technical notes etc.) at international level with scientific qualifications.

Only English Language is allowed writing the manuscript in MJEN. The following rules should be considered in submitting papers.

Articles must be submitted using the DergiPark submission platform http://dergipark.org.tr/journal/2464/submission/start. Article template can be downloaded here.

It is necessary to conduct a plagiarism scan for the article with the plagiarism programme in the Dergipark article upload section. There should be a maximum similarity rate of 20%, excluding the bibliography.

Articles must include:
  • Article Title
  • Author’s name and affiliation. Please use full first name (not an initial) and properly capitalize all names.
  • Paper title.
  • An abstract (between 150 to 350 words). It should outline the research object, problem or question; the main findings; the method of analysis used; the significance of what is proposed in relation to existing scholarship in the field.
  • Keywords (3-6) The main text part should include
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methods and Materials
  • Results and Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • References

Acknowledgments part (if any) should cover the name of supported foundation items and placed before References part.


Additional Templates (Optional)

TR Index has added the following ethical rules to the criteria of 2020. Please, comply with these rules in studies requiring Ethics Committee Permission.

1. “Ethics Committee Permit” is required for all kinds of research conducted with qualitative or quantitative approaches that require data collection from participants using survey, interview, focus group work, observation, experiment, interview techniques.
2. The articles should state whether an ethical committee permit and/or legal/special permit is required. If it is required, a permit document must be submitted.
3. “Ethics Committee Permission” is required for researches using humans and animals (including materials / data) for experimental or other scientific purposes.
4. If the study requires the use of human or animal subjects;
   a. “Ethics Committee Permission” is required,
   b. The study should comply with international standards/guidelines, etc. state that it is performed properly.
5. "Ethics Committee permission" is required according to the law for the protection of personal data for retrospective studies.

Publication Charges

MJEN is an online-only Open Access journal distributed free of charge.  

Articles must be submitted in English only.

All submitted manuscripts will be considered for publication free of charge.

Manas Journal of Engineering