Cilt: 31 Sayı: 2, 13.09.2014

Yıl: 2014

Basic Medical Sciences

Konferans Bildirisi

1. Effects of the static magnetic field on brain, lungs, liver, pancreas and blood electrolytes of rats

3. Neuroprotective effect of melatonin and omega-3 on the hippocampus of rat that prenatally exposed to 900 mhz electromagnetic fields

4. Stereological and comparative evaluation of the carpal tunnel in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome using magnetic resonance images

5. General situation of the stereological studies in Turkey

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9. Pre-transplantation and post-transplantation serum bone alkaline phosphatase levels in renal transplant patients

11. Histopathological alterations kidney in adult male rats that prenatally exposed to diclofenac sodium: A histopathological study

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12. The impact of omega-3 fatty acids on lung histopathology in mice model of chronic asthma

13. Effect of different doses of diclofenac sodium on the hippocampus development during the first trimester of pregnancy

14. Are we sure to count myelinated fibers entirely? Calibration of a stereological study

15. Evaluation of tympanic cavity volume by using computed tomography scan with the MATLAB and image J

16. Mercury vapor caused liver damage in female rats: A histopathological and stereological study

17. Effects of leptin on histomorphometry of liver in high-fat diet fed obese rats

18. Volume fraction of the cerebellum in patients with Parkinson Disease

19. Effects of diclofenac sodium on rat hippocampus exposed to acute unilateral subdural hematoma: A histological, stereological and molecular study

23. Effects of thymoquoinone on obese rats liver

24. Does the proportion of the brainstem change in the Parkinsonism?

27. Effects of the melatonin on the kidney of high fat diet fed obese rats: A stereological and histological approach

28. Changes of the corpus callosum in the parkinsonism

29. Evaluation of the volume and volume fraction of the lateral ventricles in the Parkinsonism

30. Assesment of the heart volume using computerized tomography and magnetic resonance imaging

Internal Medical Sciences

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1. A paraganglioma presenting with a giant mediastinal mass: A case report

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3. Evaluation of serum vitamin D levels in elderly patients with subclinical hypothyroidism

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4. Demographic data of 112 cases transported to the emergency medicine clinic

Surgery Medical Sciences